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As a wholesaler, you want to be able to trust your supplier implicitly. From supplying top-quality flower bulbs to stringently adhering to agreements. We like to take that extra step and also provide strategic advice on your choice of collections.

A selection from our program

  • Dutch Vintage

    These bulbs have been popular for decades. True Dutch classics. Their presentation is simple, yet stylish. Back to basics with a modern twist. Also typically Dutch.

  • Color Collection

    A beautiful, colour-coordinated mix of flowers for a stylish, playful effect in gardens or on balconies. Available in red, pink, purple and yellow.

  • Best Friends

    Surprising flower duos that differ in colour and shape, yet are a perfect match. Also makes a wonderful, symbolic gift.

  • Changing Colors

    This line of 15 exclusive varieties subtly changes colour throughout the flowering period with no effort required from you. Packaged in sustainable bio-based bags.

  • Flower Power

    A creative bulb mix featuring every colour. Turns every garden into a sea of colourful flowers. Fun and playful. Good vibes only.

A tailor made collection

You can compose your own ideal product from our range, there is no minimum order. An immense range may be great, but targeted advice is perhaps better. We love to provide advice on selecting the right programmes and collections. Utilise our market knowledge to your best advantage!

How can we help you?

We enjoy helping you pick the ideal range!

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Royal De Ree Holland as a partner

As a wholesaler you are an extra link in the chain from supplier to retailer. This demands rigorous scheduling and our logistics process fully caters to this. You can always rely on us to provide your customers with up-to-date information. Together we ensure your products arrive on the shelves right on time.


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Highlighted Wholesale services

We enjoy co-conceptualising with clients and try to take things off their hands in every way. The following highlights three wholesale-specific services. Click here if you wish to view all our options.



Just-in-time delivery is crucial with fresh products. Our smart, global logistics network means we deliver reliably, quickly and under the right conditions so we can always guarantee perfect products.

Concept and Design

Our design department works on creative solutions to make the most of your shop floor presentation. From individual packaging to complete shop layouts.

Category management

We can compile the optimum range for every shop formula based on or analysis of sales results and by conducting market research. To measure is to know!

Use our digital service: My De Ree

We have the most extensive range on the market. Our online service My De Ree is the easiest way to view the full range. It provides access to our catalogues as well as to the complete image database which features over 50,000 photos.

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Every product and line demand suitable presentation materials. We pay great attention to the optimum implementation of our materials at your wholesale.


We enjoy proving that bulk presentations can also be made stylishly. Our big wooden show trunks are ideal for selling bulb mixes in large quantities.

Pick and Mix

The name says it all. Handy displays that allow customers to compose their own ideal mix from eight varieties of bulb. These are then packaged in suitable, sustainable bags or boxes.



Themes like this add fun to your business. The presentation wall is a conspicuous, fun element which strikes a great balance between theme and campaign communication.