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We aim to make every season special. That is why we create and test surprising mixes for breathtaking fields, parks and gardens in line with the latest outdoor trends. Our experience stands us in good stead. Because only with the right product knowledge can you bring together plants that bloom simultaneously as well as perfect matches.

A selection from our program

  • Tulipa Royal Oxford

    A mix of bright yellow, red and purple triumph tulips. Beautiful, contrasting flowers on strong stalks that provide weeks of colour.

  • Tulipa Long Lasting Giants

    Darwin tulips are famous for their large flowers and beautiful shapes. This mix was specially composed from varieties that bloom beautifully for an extended period of time.

  • Tulipa bakeri 'Lilac Wonder'

    Wonderful bright pink flowers with a conspicuously yellow centre. A great flower for your borders or a wild garden. Attracts pollinators.

  • Tulipa Slow Waltz

    A beautiful mix of bright colours and varying heights. This mix truly is a slow waltz when it moves in the breeze.

  • Narcissus All Spring Mix

    This mix – consisting of 15 varieties with varying flowering periods – provides 10 to 12 weeks of colour in your border.

Our range

We supply top-quality bulbs, the best of the best, in large quantities. Our range, which is renewed annually, is very broad, original and colourful. Everything is harmonised: the colours, the flowering period and the way the plants bloom. You always steal the show with our range.


How can we help you?

If you would like to know more about our range, please contact us. We enjoy helping you find unique products or the most suitable combinations.

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Royal De Ree Holland as a partner

As a company we are highly attuned to landscapers’ needs due to our years of experience collaborating with various parks and Keukenhof. Every project has its own character and strategy. Thanks to our experience we make a pleasant sparring partner for professionals. Together we can create something beautiful!

Our certificates

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Highlighted services for Landscapers

We like to co-conceptualise with clients and try to take work off their hands every step of the way. Below we will highlight three of our landscapers services. If you want to view all the options, please click here.

Image database

A beautiful picture says more than a 1,000 words. And we have plenty of the former. As a customer, you have the option of using our image bank of over 50,000 products and atmospheric images for free.

Product management

Our product manager has first choice when it comes to introducing new varieties from our selected growers. This enables us to always keep our range appealing, innovative and up to date. This helps you to always stay ahead of the market!

Trial gardens

These are the places we get our inspiration and ideas for renewing our range. We do so by analysing quality, testing new varieties and composing original mixes.

Use our digital service: My De Ree

We have the most extensive range on the market. Our online service My De Ree is the easiest way to view the full range. It provides access to our catalogues as well as to the complete image database which features over 50,000 photos.

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Our flowers and plants enrich landscapes around the globe. From Keukenhof to urban courtyards and from community parks to private estates.

Public greenery

Being allowed to furnish roadsides, roundabouts, parks, hotels, parliament buildings and golf courses with flowery finery year round is a wonderful challenge.



We supply a wide range of pre-packed flower bulbs as readymade exclusive mixes or per variety to landscapers for planting on estates and in private gardens.


With 400,000 flower bulbs in three different gardens, we are a proud annual supplier to this international, botanical spring garden that annually attracts some 1.4 million visitors.