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Alongside our extensive range of flower bulbs we are also the right address for perennials. One stop shopping is just so convenient. We provide a choice of well over 500 varieties of perennials. We are even the world’s largest supplier of Peonies. All the plants are warehoused in climate-controlled cells, processed and transported with great care and then delivered in a timely manner.

A selection from our program

  • Astilbe Japonica Mojito

    The Astilbe Japonica Mojito has creamy white flowers and is often used in bouquets of dried flowers.

  • Echinops Spaerocephalus Arctic Glow

    This globe thistle has thick stems with dark red, bulbous flowers and beautiful grey-green leaves.

  • Miscanthus Sinensis Federweiser

    Beautiful plant with white plumes that is low maintenance and flowers in summer, whilst remaining beautiful year round.

  • Paeonia Lactiflora Bouquet Perfect

    Fabulous peony with a strong stalk. This perennial is low-maintenance and is suitable for garden use or for cut flowers.

  • Heliopsis Helianthodis Burning Hearts

    Beautiful golden yellow flower with a red centre. Perfectly suitable for borders and sun-drenched spots.


We provide great choice varying from renowned to exclusive varieties. We add new ones every year on the basis of interesting product and market developments. Our plants originate from growers known for supplying top quality. The perennials are packaged under the best possible conditions and can, if so desired, be supplied with large, informative plant labels.

Study the options in our catalogue or allow us to advise you on the selection of the right range. This way, we can both lead the market!

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Royal De Ree Holland as a partner

Many clients opt for Royal De Ree Holland due to our wide range and flexibility. Orders start from 25 plants per variety, which can be interesting if you want to try out something new. We package them straight from the grower and ensure just-in-time delivery. This means we always supply top-quality products!

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Highlighted services for the perennial growers

We like to co-conceptualise with clients and try to take work off their hands every step of the way. Below we will highlight three of our retail services. If you want to view all the options, please click here.


Product management

Our product manager has first choice when it comes to introducing new varieties from our selected growers. This enables us to always keep our range appealing, innovative and up to date. This helps you to always stay ahead of the market!

Image database

A beautiful picture says more than a 1,000 words. And we have plenty of the former. As a customer, you have the option of using our image bank of over 50,000 products and atmospheric images for free.


Just-in-time delivery is crucial with fresh products. Our smart, global logistics network means we deliver reliably, quickly and under the right conditions so we can always guarantee perfect products.

Use our digital service: My De Ree

We have the most extensive range on the market. Our online service My De Ree is the easiest way to view the full range. It provides access to our catalogues as well as to the complete image database which features over 50,000 photos.

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Whatever your plan, project or purpose, we can always rapidly supply suitable perennials. That is the advantage of our extensive range.


Nature around us has a positive effect on how we feel. Perennials contribute to a variety of greenery in our surroundings and are low maintenance.


Our top-sized rhizomes are ideal for production in 2 or 3-litre pots. Because the plants have spent a year growing out in the fields they are ready for sale inside 8 to 12 weeks after potting.

Botanical/public gardens

Our perennials are very suitable for planting borders. We only include the best varieties from the Netherlands’ most passionate growers in our programme.