Mission and Vision



‘‘De Ree Holland B.V. strives to be a professional trade partner of international acclaim in packaged flower bulbs and perennials for the retail and wholesale sectors. De Ree Holland achieves this position by entering into close partnerships in the chain that focus on product innovation, concept development, quality, efficiency and sales support."


"De Ree Holland B.V. aspires to be a world-class supplier of packaged flower bulbs and perennials internationally. Knowledge of the market combined with logistic excellence, a CSR policy, wide range, and high quality on all fronts are rewarded with a superb competitive position and a sustainable leadership position in every segment of the market. The implementation of this vision results in growth.

De Ree Holland is a self-learning organisation whose employees are driven to deliver our quality products as efficiently as possible every day, while providing superior service, with customer, employee and supplier satisfaction at the core of this approach."